Hammer on stone and man rolling turf

Soil & Hardcore Removal

After cleaning and building work you will often have a lot of heavy, hard to dispose of mess left behind. These things like soil, rubble and hardcore can cause problems when you are trying to remove them from your property. Our team will remove soil and hardcore with a minimum of fuss and leave your house or property in perfect condition, even brushing up after to leave it tidy!

Bin bag outside garage

Household Rubbish

Sometimes you just know that it’s time for a full household clearance removing the collected household rubbish you have in your garage, loft and every other storage area you can find. Whether it is for a new house, preparation for sale or let or a deceased relative our team will offer help, advice and ensure that all the rubbish is cleared from the property quickly and efficiently.

Man clearing garden

Garden Clearance

Removal and clearance of waste from your garden or allotment will give you a fresh start with a minimum of fuss. We carry out all garden clearance including demolition of garages, sheds and out buildings. All work is completed quickly, efficiently and safely. We then clear all materials, turf, leaves and garden furniture away, and even clean up thoroughly after ourselves too!

Piles of office waste

Office Clearance

When clearing an office there are a number of considerations that it is important for businesses to get right. Hazardous materials, confidential waste and much more needs to be destroyed in a safe way and furniture or recycled where possible to avoid too much wastage. Our team are highly experienced with office clearance and ensure that you can rely on our speed and efficiency.

Pile of building waste

Building Waste Disposal

After renovation, refurbishment, building and construction work you are usually left with a load of rubble, wood, offcuts and old furniture. Rubbish Taxi will come and do all the heavy lifting removing all your building waste and dispose of it in an environmentally sound manner. We also separate and recycle wherever possible so you know that work is completed responsibly.

Asbestos on a roof

Asbestos Removal

When asbestos has been disturbed it can become quite dangerous, this is due to microscopic fibres released when asbestos is broken up. Our team are fully trained and experienced at dealing with asbestos fibres and take full responsibility for providing a safe removal system. We carry out a full audit of your asbestos first and can help with all advice related to the removal.